What are the developments for Lastmile.info since the last update?

Behind the scenes, the developers are working hard on Lastmile.info. Since the last update, it is now possible to view height, width, length, weight and overall restrictions near a location. This is made possible by TomTom. Useful for planning a route towards a particular location in detail!

Latest news website Lastmile.info

The first locations with first and last mile instructions are synchronised. This is done in data model OTM5 via DefLog to the test environment of the Lastmile.info website. Currently not yet publicly available. As soon as this is publicly available, we will let you know via this website.

Would you like to share the best last mile for your location(s)?

You can! With this website it will soon be possible to share the safest, most sustainable and efficient first and last mile routes for locations with all your stakeholders. If are you a retailer with locations in urban areas with many restrictions such as window times or zero emission zones (ZEZ)? Or is the route to your location difficult for trucks to access? Then keep an eye on this website or contact Simacan, phone +31 33 887 4000, email info@simacan.com.

Example of best first and last mile for a retailer in a city centre.

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