Preferred routes for freight traffic on

Voorkeursroutes in Tilburg

Many municipalities have established preferred routes for defined traffic participants, especially trucks are often not wanted on certain roads for various reasons. wants to provide insight into which roads logistics traffic should preferably use in the urban network. These are the so-called preferred routes.

Tilburg municipality first to provide insight into preferred routes

A distinction is made in preferred routes between two types of roads that are defined and established by the municipalities themselves. Firstly, the road network to enter the city and secondly, the network to enter the neighbourhood. In the project, Tilburg is the first Dutch municipality that, in cooperation with other stakeholders, has gained insight into the meaning of a preferred network for logistics. The figure below shows these roads for Tilburg and its surroundings. The insight into the Tilburg situation has meanwhile been offered to the ‘data for logistics’ project to take into account in their further development.

Data for logistics

Data for Logistics’ (in Dutch) is a project of the Dutch national government. Within this project, data of municipalities is collected for the logistics sector. This data is made available via DefLog (Data Exchange Facility Logistics), an infrastructure facility for the logistics sector. The data collected includes environmental zones, zero-emission zones (ZEZ) and delivery time windows. We want this data to become available in DefLog, this way it will be useable and accessible for the sector and suggestions can be made to improve the preferred routes.

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