Last Mile Guidance for drivers

Logistics partners App2Track, Simacan and Trimble are busy testing Last Mile Guidance for drivers. This involves customised route instructions for drivers in the last miles / kilometres to an end location and the starting route (first mile) to get safely back on the main road network. These routes will be shareable and can already be used in Trimble and App2Track’s FMS systems. This way, the last mile instructions as they will be included in the database can actually be carried out.

What is Last Mile Guidance?

Last Mile Guidance is a driving assistance system that will help drivers arrive safely at the unloading location on the one hand, but also prevent trucks from unnecessary manoeuvres and undesirable routes through for example residential areas. As soon as a driver enters an area for which a last mile is marked, the standard navigation will be overridden by this last mile instruction. The driver receives “en route,” the intended preferred route with guidance and safety warnings.

This functionality is currently still in a testing phase and is only available to users using App2Track and/or Trimble’s apps.

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