• Last mile information must be unambiguous and easily accessible

    First brainstorm session defined the community of and the cooperation and exchange between the various parties.

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  • Last mile data for logistics will be the place where you find and keep all the information you need to plan and drive the last part of route to a shop. We aim for a route with the least inconvenience for residents; in the most ideal way for transporters and carriers; and as cheap and sustainable as possible. We…

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  • Urban distribution -Franca van de Sande

    Usable and validated data for the last mile in distribution

    Distribution in urban areas is becoming more complex due to the (justified) desire to improve livability, while the demand for deliveries is actually rising. On the one hand, local governments are attempting to improve livability by imposing restrictions such as time windows, zero emission zones, recommended routes and weight limits. On the other, businesses are…

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